Tips for corporate event planners: Finding the best corporate entertainer – How to find them

It is a must to hire the best corporate entertainer for your corporate event. An entertainer should be professional, appropriate for the event, and able to entertain the audience. These are some tips that will help you choose the best entertainment for your corporate event.

Take into consideration the Audience and Occasion

First, think about your audience. What entertainment will they enjoy. Comedy, music and magic are all popular forms of corporate entertainment. Comedy entertainers can make your group laugh and have fun. Some corporate entertainers perform stand-up comedy while others include magic and other entertainment to their comedic performances. The best entertainers are versatile and can captivate audiences from all walks of the spectrum.

How to Plan a Realistic Budget

You will have to pay if you want the best. For a small fee, you cannot expect to find the best professional corporate entertainer. The fees vary depending on the group’s experience and reputation, and the size of the show.

Experience performing at corporate events

You should ensure that the entertainer you hire is a specialist in corporate entertainment. They should be familiar with corporate events and expectations. Knowing their past experience will help you determine if they are the right candidate. Ask them any questions. Ask them if they are a full-time entertainer or if this is something they do part-time. Ask them if they have performed at similar events.


Ask the artist for reviews from past clients. It is an excellent indicator of how talented a performer they are. You can find a lot of promotional material on the websites of entertainers. You need to evaluate whether an entertainer is good or great by looking at their reviews. You want the best entertainment at your event. Referrals are always a good idea.

Demo Video

A demo video is the best way to evaluate a corporate entertainer to see if they are suitable for your event. A demo video should include short clips of the entertainer’s performance with a live audience. This will give you an opportunity to see the reactions of real people and how they perform.

Plan Ahead

Last, but not least: it is important to plan ahead when you hire a corporate entertainer. At certain times of year, the best corporate entertainers are booked quickly. You can book even years in advance. You should start searching for entertainers as soon as possible, starting from the moment you know the date. This will help you avoid disappointment.

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