The Small Ship Cruising Guide – All You Need to Know about Adventure Cruises

Travelers are becoming less interested in traditional vacation options and want a unique experience. More people are exploring small ship cruising and adventure cruising. What is an adventure cruise? How is it different to “The Love Boat” cruises?

Many people are familiarized with large cruise ships that carry thousands of passengers on trips to the Caribbean, Alaska, and the Mediterranean. The cruises are known for their extravagant shows and formal dinners, as well as the long lines to disembark from the ship. However, there is an alternative type of cruise that you can choose, called an adventure or expedition cruise.

An adventure cruise is different than a traditional cruise for a few reasons. An adventure cruise is a smaller ship cruise that takes you to exotic and off-the-beaten-path locations. The adventure cruise experience is very different. You will have a relaxed, intimate cruise that is geared toward adventure and learning as you enjoy your travels.

What’s an Adventure cruise?

People who want adventure, education, and a wide range of vacation locations are best suited for adventure cruises. Because expedition ships are small enough to travel through narrow channels and coves to reach remote areas, they can be more intimidating than large megaliners. Adventure cruises are a unique way to experience off-the-beaten path experiences.

What makes an Adventure cruise unique?

Cruise lines can be described as floating resorts that offer entertainment, shopping, and even climbing walls. While there are many amenities available, the majority of expedition ships offer comfortable surroundings and upscale touches such as local food. The main focus of the expedition ship is to be off the ship and explore new places. The ship’s time is for relaxation, listening to lectures about geography, culture, or learning about the unique features of the next destination. It’s also a place to meet like-minded passengers.

How are the Itineraries Different from Large Cruise Ships?

The ships themselves are smaller because most expedition vessels can carry between 50 and 175 passengers. The ship can access remote areas that big ships cannot reach. These itineraries can be used to explore remote areas and smaller ports. Zodiacs are an inflatable motorized raft that can transport small groups to remote beaches or prime dive spots.

A small ship cruise, especially on an expedition vessel, offers a unique experience for adventure travelers or seasoned travelers looking to add an extra dimension to their vacation. Take an adventure cruise to relax, unwind, and discover the world around your next vacation.

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