Sports fans have new options with live streaming

If you have satellite internet, this is a great opportunity for sports fans. Sports fans no more have to watch local TV stations for sports like soccer, baseball or basketball. Instead, they have the option to play many live online games. Many sites offer multiple games for no cost. This is a great deal. is the first website to offer live streaming sports events. has become the premier provider of live streaming sports via cable television. They recently acquired the rights for the college-football BCS championships. This made them one of the first cable networks to broadcast major championships. has recently launched It broadcasts complete sports events online, live. This technology is used principally by ESPN for college and professional basketball games. The streaming technology allows viewers select multiple games to view at the same time throughout the day. The website allows you to access many football games. However, streaming speeds can vary depending on how fast your internet connection is.

A few years ago CBS Sports offered live stream of every NCAA Basketball playoffs basketball game on their CBS Sports site for free. This service was made free for two reasons. First, viewers could not see all the action because there were multiple games being played simultaneously. Second, viewers could only view regional games so they missed 75% of it. A second reason was that many games are played during work hours so fans could access the games through their workplace computers. Even an “emergency boss button” was available to bring up a spreadsheet for anyone who accidentally entered a work area while playing a game.

Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket allows customers the opportunity to view all NFL games from their home. Sunday Ticket grew in cyberspace last summer and allows subscribers to watch live games on their computer or via their mobile phone. Similar satellite companies offer live events in sports such as hockey and free football live streaming via mobile technology.

Major League Baseball launched recently a service that allows subscribers the ability to watch live games on their computers. Both leagues charge a fee for the service. However, the current trends suggest that both leagues will probably offer live games without any charge for the upcoming seasons.

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