How to choose a bridal makeup artist for your wedding day

When I first meet brides looking for a makeup artist, one of my favorite comments is that they don’t know what to do. It is true! This is true for the majority of brides who have never planned a wedding and have not hired a professional make-up artist. It can be overwhelming and confusing. As an industry insider, I am writing this to guide all the inquiring brides through the process.

“How can I find makeup artists near me?” ”

First, find local artists and create a list. Referrals from your venue or wedding planner are worth their weight. They are experienced in weddings and have worked with many other vendors. Many venues and planners have a “Recommended vendor list” that they can give to their brides. Because they are able to recommend great makeup artists, photographers are happy to do so. (Less Photoshop and less time spent editing. Yes! Referrals can also come from friends who are newly married. Ask them what they used to do their makeup and if they would use them again. The internet makes this much easier than it used to be. A simple internet search for “makeup artists in [insert place here]” will bring up a list. Now you can choose potential artists…

How do I find the best makeup artist for me? ”

These are five key points to consider when making this decision.

The website and portfolio of reputable bridal makeup artists. This website will showcase images from their work. Websites that feature stock images or photos with excessive editing should be avoided. Remember that a website with a sloppy appearance is usually a sign of poor taste and tacky makeup. Portfolios online should showcase a variety of looks from subtle natural makeup to dramatic evening looks. If a website only features one look, it is likely that it is the only look they are skilled in, and the one you, your bridesmaids, will get.
Style Does the makeup on the website of the artist represent the type of makeup that you want? You should avoid artists who favor the Instagram-style, heavy-contour makeup looks. The reverse is true: If you prefer the more natural Kim Kardashian makeup look, artists who show it are not going to be your best choice.
Reviews- There are many online reviews and places for customers to leave feedback. Make sure you use them! Sites like WeddingWire, Yelp, and The Knot are great resources for wedding vendors. Be sure to check out reviews about each makeup artist that you are interested in, but remember these things. It’s becoming easier for businesses to create fake reviews. You will see many 5-star reviews within days of scrolling through them. This is likely because the business paid for those reviews. This is often done to improve their overall rating and counteract any negative reviews. When possible, I suggest searching for reviews of businesses by their lowest rating. It’s not unusual for businesses to have one or two reviews that are less than five stars. Everyone is unique and everyone appreciates different things. A 3-star rating that is below value could indicate that the client doesn’t value their $100 makeup application as highly as their $2000 Jimmy Choo shoes. Sometimes bad reviews are left as a retaliation for clients who were unhappy with not getting their way. While I don’t mind a few bad reviews, a large number should be a concern.
Personality and Connection . A lot of people don’t pay much attention to the personality and connection of a makeup artist. Are their makeup skills amazing? Fantastic! Is their personality so beautiful? It is more important than you realize. This artist will be with you for hours on one of your most important days. They should be a friend and a joy to have around. You can communicate with the makeup artist via email, phone or in person. This is possible by looking at past reviews. You can search for key phrases such as “I felt like i’ve known her forever!” Or “She was so soothing and calming in such stressful times.” Some people are naturally “people” people. These are the people you want to hire.
Price- The price is an important factor for many brides. It is important to find a makeup artist that fits within your budget. However, remember that you do get what you pay. The higher-end makeup artists are paid more for high-quality products and training. They also practice proper sanitation. They have the experience and skills that lower-priced artists often lack. Choose an artist who is within your budget to achieve the perfect bridal look and stunning wedding photos.

“I know the person I want to book. Now what? ”

If you haven’t done so already, the first step is to confirm your availability with the makeup artist. The best artists reserve up to a year in advance. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your preferred artist will not be available for your date if you are closer, but it is best to get in touch as soon as possible. You see those wedding timelines that say you must book hair and make-up two months before your wedding? It’s a mistake!

Once you confirm availability, you will need to decide if you wish to book your artist immediately or schedule a trial session before booking. You should note that scheduling a trial session with your artist before booking does not guarantee that your date will be available. Most brides book their date first, and then schedule a trial run with their artist closer to the wedding. If you are unsure about hiring a makeup artist, it is worth doing a trial run before making a final decision. To avoid another bride booking your date, I recommend that you do a trial run as soon as possible. Book that date for all other brides! They must have passed all five of the preceding qualifications to be eligible for the magic combination.


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