Here are 7 tips to create a resume that wows.

When you apply for a job, your create a resume is the most important document. Your resume is your introduction, representation and personal advertisement. A professional resume is essential in a world where the average job posting gets 45 applications. Your resume might not be read if it is too simple or too short. It might be rejected regardless of its content if it is too flashy, long or distracting.

How do you write a resume that is accurate and concise?

These guidelines can be helpful:

DO Use white paper with black type in a simple and readable font. DO NOT use other colored fonts, graphics or pictures.
DO Write a brief, chronological overview of your duties and responsibilities, followed by a bullet-point list of accomplishments, achievements, or other notable items for each position. This is your chance highlight what makes you stand out from the rest. DO NOT create a book. Make it easy to read and follow.
DO Use the same fonts and formats for every job. The number of bullet points and summary paragraphs decreases as you move back in time. DO NOT include any personal data that could lead to discrimination (e.g. Age, race, religion and salary expectations.
DO include all dates of employment beside the name of your company and your title. Note reasons for gaps in employment that exceed 3 months. DO NOT omit jobs, regardless of their relevance to the job you are applying for. The hiring manager is looking at your overall experience and not just the industry-specific.
DO Use tangible, objective results and impact terms to describe your contributions. DO NOT use too many “I” and flowery adjectives to filler.
DO Follow your experience with education, licensure, certificates and professional affiliations, if applicable. Avoid personal data and hobbies. Do not lie about your education or experience on your resume. You will be caught.
DO Keep your resume to 1-2 pages, unless you’re in a C-level position. In which case, keep it to 3 pages. DO NOT include “References available on request” in your resume.


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