Beauty Science

People desire beauty. Wisdom says beauty should not be defined by what is visible from the outside. True beauty is found in the heart. Someone who is beautiful on the outside, but has a dark heart, is not necessarily beautiful. We are told beauty is subjective. This means that beauty can be subjective. Beauty is relative. What might seem beautiful to one person may not be to another. Beauty is what you find pleasing.

Other intellectuals believe beauty is irrelevant. They believe beauty is inconsequential. It doesn’t solve any problem, it doesn’t explain anything, and it doesn’t teach us anything. The whole discussion about beauty is considered a waste of time, and should not be part of intellectual discourse. It is difficult to agree with these intellectuals, especially in this era. Beauty rules outside the realm of ideas. On every platform, the debates about what beauty is and is not dominate. Some people associate beauty and skin color with beauty, while others associate beauty with intelligence, shape, and body structure.

Despite endless campaigns to redefine beauty, such as the Say No To Racism Campaign and numerous other similar campaigns, people still debate about beauty. There are many stories about white people lightening up their skin to make it more beautiful. Some people aren’t concerned about the size of their lips so they opt to have them enlarged. Some people go on insane diets to lose weight, as they believe that slimming down is the best way to look beautiful.

It is impossible to turn a blind eye to beauty, especially when we consider the many beautiful things people do around the globe. It’s like ignoring a baby’s cry or quelling a physical need. While we can claim that beauty is not important, it only makes the world seem smaller and less real. Some people will do anything for beauty. It would seem that their lives are at stake.

We cannot judge those who are willing to invest so much in their beauty. Some are doing it to achieve what the rest of the world considers beautiful. It is easy to compare the looks of others. In most cases, the visible self seems more important than the inner self. Although it’s not a true assumption, this is what we are taught to believe. The passion for beauty is a result of basic instincts. This is why people judge the beauty of human appearances with the same passion that they have for their ideal beauty.

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